Exploring Historic Poole Forge in Narvon, PA

Exploring Historic Poole Forge in Narvon, PA

Nestled in Narvon, Pennsylvania, Historic Poole Forge embodies a rich historical legacy, showcasing remnants of early American industry and providing a glimpse into the region’s past through its well-preserved structures and scenic landscapes. Information can be found here.

Historical Significance:

In the 1700s, Poole Forge was an ironmaster’s estate, pivotal in Pennsylvania’s iron industry. The site includes the restored Ironmaster’s Mansion, workers’ houses, a historic covered bridge, and remnants of the iron forge. See here for information about Exploring Wolf’s Hollow County Park in Atglen, PA.

Cultural Heritage and Nature Trails:

Visitors can explore the heritage of the site through guided tours, exhibits, and interpretive displays that narrate the history of iron production and its impact on the local community. Additionally, nature enthusiasts can traverse the trails, enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding parkland.

Event Venue and Community Engagement:

Historic Poole Forge is famous for community events, weddings, and cultural gatherings. Its picturesque setting and historical charm provide a unique backdrop for celebrations and engagements with residents and visitors alike.

Preservation Efforts and Restoration:

Dedicated efforts have been made to preserve and restore historic structures, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and learn from this tangible piece of American history.


Historic Poole Forge is a testament to Pennsylvania’s industrial heritage. It offers a blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and community engagement, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s rich past.