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Stucco Remediation for Your Home

Stucco siding provides homes with a beautiful aesthetic that is found on homes across the United States. Many homeowners find stucco to be an attractive option because of its energy efficiency, serving as a great insulator of both warm and cool air. Unfortunately, in recent years stucco failure has become a problem for many PA residents. Due to poor installation practices the integrity of many stucco sided homes has become compromised. When stucco fails, homeowners are faced with a serious problem and should not wait to act.

Stucco Remediation Specialists

If stucco failure is something you’re facing, it’s important that you contact an experienced contractor who has both the knowledge and expertise to handle the problem. At Red Well Roofing, we are that experienced contactor, we provide homeowners with the stucco remediation service that will both prevent catastrophe and give home’s a beautiful new appearance.

stucco remediation

Causes of Stucco Failure

Stucco failure isn’t always apparent because it can still occur in the absence of clear physical damage. Even though it may be hard to detect, there are some signs that homeowners can look for.

  • Cracks: The first and most obvious is cracking. When cracking starts to occur, the potential for moisture finding its way into the wall system increases. Not all cracks will subvert stucco siding, however addressing cracks when they’re noticed will prevent further problems.
  • Leaks: If you’ve experienced leaks and have no plumbing related issues, the odds are that its cause is a defect in your home’s exterior.
  • Trapped Moisture: If your stucco was not properly installed, moisture can get trapped and cause further damage. This can happen in the absence of visible cracking.
  • Dry Caulking: If you’re finding dried out or shrunken caulking in your home, then the odds that moisture is finding its way into your home as a result of a defect in your siding is significant.

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Stucco Siding Remediation in PA, MD, & DE

Homeowners looking for a trusted and experienced stucco contractor would be wise to contact Red Well Roofing. Our expertise coupled with our work ethic has helped us grow into the company we’ve become today. Contact us for all your stucco remediation needs!

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