Historic Poole Forge: Preserving a Colonial Legacy in Narvon, PA

Historic Poole Forge: Preserving a Colonial Legacy in Narvon, PA

Nestled in Narvon, Pennsylvania, Historic Poole Forge is a testament to the region’s colonial history and agricultural heritage. This beautifully preserved site takes visitors back in time, allowing them to explore the area’s history and appreciate its rural charm. Information can be found here.

Colonial Homestead and Iron Forge

Historic Poole Forge features a historic homestead and the remnants of an iron forge. The homestead, dating back to the 18th century, provides a glimpse into the lives of early settlers in Pennsylvania, showcasing colonial architecture and period furnishings. The site also includes the remnants of the iron forge, which played a crucial role in local industry during the 19th century. See here for information about Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania: A Journey Through Railroading History in Strasburg, PA.

Pristine Grounds and Gardens

The site encompasses picturesque grounds and gardens. Visitors can explore walking paths and picnic areas and admire the well-tended flower and vegetable gardens, making it a serene destination for nature lovers.

Educational Programs and Events

Historic Poole Forge hosts educational programs and community events, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the history of the site and its significance in the development of Pennsylvania. These events include reenactments, guided tours, and workshops.

Community Engagement

The site fosters community engagement by serving as a venue for gatherings, concerts, and cultural activities, making it a vibrant hub for the local community.


Historic Poole Forge in Narvon, PA, is a charming slice of colonial and industrial history. It invites visitors to revisit, explore the area’s past, and appreciate its rural beauty. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Historic Poole Forge offers a unique educational experience that celebrates Pennsylvania’s colonial legacy.